K I N G T U T ' S T O M B

O Tut's Tomb Doth reveals Thy mysterious castle erected for Thy golden crowned King Entombed with goblet of wine Savory fliers imbibed with enormous Succulent light green and dark magenta Grapes surrounded by nuts and ripest cheese Nourish his most frail heart now in deepest repose To rest on a soft brilliant damask chaise gilt in gold leaf Anxiously awaiting his betrothed called to cross cold still Secreted passages of mortals boundaries offering his daintiesu Filling his heavy golden goblet with Wisdom poured from Heavens

Monday, August 30, 2010

Tut's Tomb
Doth you reveal
A mysterious ediface
Erected for a golden entombed
King surrounded with a goblet of wine
Savory elixers to be embibed with juicy
Succulent dark magenta grapes near
Savory nuts and ripened white cheese
Set to nourish his most frail hesrt anxiously
Awaiting his own betrothed to be called to pass
Cold secreted still passages of mortal's boundaries
To offer the golden goblet of Heavenly Wisdom poured
Slowly by her mercurial milky soft hands for eternity

W H A T. D o. Y o u. S E E K

What do you seek
Could it be money
Or fame or wealth
The wealth inside
For giving health
To those seeking
To be out of pain
Lately Bent
Unable to sustain
A pure life
Of never ending
The gift of love
You breathe
And that's
Not counting
All the things
I try to do
For you
Which only
Cost money
But should prove
The worth you are
And will always be
The splendid sprout
Coming from my tree
Acorns falling too close
To the O A K
Cannot live
And will
Certainly choke
By the Root
Of the tree
That gave life
So I allowed you
To grow
By your own sight
I can see now
All is well
With you
Life is to decide
Not to prove
When you came
Close to me today
I loved you dear
Could you
Not hear
Me say
I love you


A Big Box Of Kleenex

A Big Box Of Kleenex

I am gonna buy you
A big box of Kleenex
'Cuz you're gonna cry
When I'm gone

You've gone and left me
Feelin' so wothless
I cant carry on

All I ever did
Was go and care 'bout you
When all you ever wanted
Wuz' to tear me in two

Why'd ya' hav' ta go
And treat me this way
Fussin' and fightin'
Every single day

Yep every single time
I tried to walk out that door
Your kissin' and huggin'
Made me stay around for more

Why'd you have to go
And use me this way
Three lil' younguns' later
All I do is pray

I feel like a dishrag
Tattered and Torn
Rubbed o'er life's edge
Dreams now shorn

Perhaps you'd like to cook
And clean and pay all the bills
Find out for once what life's like
Not jest a chase for the thrills

You're gonna get your chance
when I really take off
Once reality hits, you'll soon
see what you really bit off

You made me so hot
Jest the other nite
Its always like that
Jest after a fight

But now i'm really leavin'
Sick of cryin' all these tears
Livin' with you has wrought
Nothin' but fear

Sure you'll be lookin' fer me
Just after the crack of dawn
Nope, I won't be taken nuthin'
Cuz trust me I am long gone

Don't think of followin'
Once I get back to my kin
Best ya' never show your face or
They might shoot you right then


Courtenay McDade Phelan
June 12 2015


I'm gonna by ya'

A box of keenex

Cuz your gona cry

When I'm gone

All I ever did

Was cook clean and pay

Why'd ya have to go

And use me this way

I feel like a dishrag

Tattered and torn

Rubbed over life's edge

Dreams now shorn

Every single time I try

To walk out that door

You start a kissin and huggin'

Till ya make me want more

I'm sick of cryin tears

Till the break of dawn

We got three little babies

And ya most never come home

Don't ya dare come afta' me

Goin' back to my kin

Best never show your face or

They'll sure shoot you right then


Thursday, August 26, 2010

The lake is
Turquoise blue
As your eyes

The mountain
Is as rough
As your

Snow capped peaks
Are as pure
As your soul

You are a
Mountain region
Full of force
And strength

Yours is the
To persevere
No matter
The ravage of

Drink of the
Waters of wisdom
Wash away the
Bitterness of life